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About PPSG

PPSG was established in 2017 and is committed to providing pet owners with the most professional and complete pet hospice services to cherish and respect the value of their pet’s life.

In addition to introducing pet incinerators from abroad, we also opened a large pet cemetery, hold pet rites, and arrange pet transfer services for pet owners. Furthermore, we have three pet mourning halls located in Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, and Jordan to facilitate pet owners from Hong Kong and Kowloon in dealing with their loss.

Our Philosophy

The Buddha said: “Be kind to every encounter and cherish every fate!” So, practice begins by cherishing the fate between animals and us.

Encounters between humans and animals are born of fate, never a coincidence.

When we meet in this life, we should cherish each other when we are together and be grateful that we have formed a good relationship; when it comes time to say goodbye, we should say goodbye seriously and dignifiedly.

Gratitude and cherishing the fate, a good start and good end, only then can fate be fulfilled.


Our Philosophy

We provide professional, high-quality, humanized one-stop pet funeral and pet hospice services to allow pet owners and their loved ones to have the best farewell at the moment of parting. Therefore, pets can also leave comfortably, peacefully, and in a dignified manner.

Pet Puja

We can also invite a Buddhist master to hold Buddhist rituals on behalf of pet owners if you want to save and pray for pets.

Calling our Customer Hotline
After providing the pet species and weight, we will provide pet hospice service charges for reference. Customer Hotline 2323 2432
24-hour pet hospice service
We have a large and professional fleet all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. As soon as assistance is required, we will immediately go to help.
Refrigeration and Disinfection of the Pet’s Remains
After receiving the beloved pet, it will be refrigerated at minus 4°C and properly stored. It will then be disinfected and groomed, and hospice beauty services will also be provided.
Independent Storage
Each pet will be stored independently in a box or tray to ensure safe and independent handling.
Pet Memorial Ceremony and Independent Cremation
Pet owners can choose from a Buddhist, Catholic, or Christian funeral. On the day of cremation, the owner can accompany the pet and press the button for cremation in person.
Make Unique Pet Keepsakes
Some pet hair, bones, and ashes kept by the owner can be used to make unique pet souvenirs.
Pet Garden, Scattering, and Sea Ash
We provide three ways for owners to place pet ashes and let them return to nature, including a pet ash garden, pet ash scatter and a sea ash service.
Pet Puja
We can also invite a Buddhist master to hold Buddhist rituals on behalf of pet owners if you want to save and pray for pets.

With the belief of “The Love of Fate Makes A Good Start And A Good End”, warming every heart in our society.

致PPSG全體職員: 本人很感謝你們優質服務及態度,讓我在哀傷中帶一點安慰。這天我在貴公司逗留了大半天,眼見你們對客人的關愛,明白他們的感受,我就知道自己沒有選錯公司了。 讓我最窩心的,就是你們送給客人的心意卡,你們代表客人的寵物致上最後的愛,這裡我衷心感謝你們。 祝願各位 身體健康! 感謝你們的客人 黃小姐 敬上
19 June 2020
Dear Miss鄭 Thank you for everything that you extended to me for my pet Dogge. In PPSG, your kindness, care and words help a lot for us and I will not forget how intimate of all staff are. Thank you PPSG B.B Chan
B.B Chan
14 nov 2010
Thank you for the caring and wonderful service! 🙂 Everything is great, thanks Eva professional service ! Our whole family feel bless and believe Bobby will be happy in heaven.
Bobby Owner
19 June 2021